Our Services

Total Care Medical Clinic aims to provide our patients with the most efficient and quality healthcare services to help them maintain their good physical condition. Giving you not just any other healthcare services, but only the ones that best works for our every client’s condition is what we will give.

Our team of healthcare professionals will assess the health condition of our patients to determine the appropriate services for them. The care plan will be administered carefully to deliver a positive result to the patients. Addressing the health concerns not only for the well-heeled society, but also to the economically disadvantaged individuals who also deserves quality healthcare.

Total Care Medical Clinic offers a wide range of health services at our medical center. Please visit us soon for your medical needs to be attended to as fast as possible by our friendly staff:

   Pregnancy Testing

Our doctors at Total Care Medical Clinic offers testing services include counseling on a full range of options for women.

   Prenatal Care

We offer a prenatal care program that includes medical care during pregnancy, as well as health education and support services. We guide would-be-mothers during the pregnancy and will offer birthing options that are appropriate for their health conditions.

   Family Planning

Total Care Medical Clinic offers family planning programs that include options for men and women.

   Adult Medicine

The primary care services in our Adult Medicine program cover diagnosis, treatment, follow-up care, laboratory tests, and medications.

   Chronic Disease Management

We help patients cope with the many challenges brought about by their illness by providing on-going treatment, education, and care management for patients with diseases such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and congestive heart failure.

   Health Education

Doctors and staff at Total Care Medical Clinic will give patients access to health education, counseling, nutritional guidance, information on diet, exercise, disease management.

   Free Male Health Exam
Total Care Medical Clinic has recognized the need for the minority male in America the need for a proper and thorough health exam to help them identify various health conditions and provide them with a preventive health care services. You can ask for assistance by calling 310-872-3560 or 323-756-1412 today.

   LGBT Services

Total Care Medical Clinic recognizes the need for a trusted and understanding healthcare provider particularly for the LGBT community. A healthcare provider wherein they can be comfortable with telling their health concerns and conditions without inhibitions. It is substantial for them to have a medical professional that is sensitive to their unique healthcare needs.

At Total Care Medical Clinic, we provide the gay, lesbians and bisexual men and women in the community the equal right for health services with equal respect and confidentiality. Disclosing their sexual orientation is never an enough reason to hinder them from receiving premium services that suit their condition. Our health experts provide our LGBT community a patient, warm and understanding services to them.

   Pediatrics (Infant, Children, Adolescent)
Total Care Medical Clinic has been providing quality medical care for children in California for years. We are a pediatric center offering cost-effective services to children, starting from birth and up until their college age. We believe that a continuous one-on-one basis is an important part of a comprehensive preventive health care. Our team of healthcare experts understand that parents will only want the best health care for their beloved angels, and that is what we are just giving them-personalized and effective health services.

   Sexually Transmitted Disease

We discretely conduct testing & treatment for individuals with potential illnesses. Services include screening, education, and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.

   HIV/AIDS Confidential

Total Care Medical Clinic provides patients with HIV/AIDS Testing. We also offer counseling for potential victims of the illness and those who have been diagnosed with the condition. The HIV program provides confidential testing, mental health, and case management services.


The Women’s Health Program at Total Care Medical Clinic includes annual physical exam, breast and cervical cancer screening, and health education.

   Senior Health

When old age has come, senior individuals begin to feel various health and physical conditions. They become sensitive to their environment and other factors, putting them at higher risk of acquiring illnesses. After spending years of their life, supporting and taking care of the family it is now time to give them the care they deserve.

At Total Care Medical Clinic, we give importance to the needs of the seniors particularly on their health. We want them to make the most of their time by doing the things they love without any pains and discomforts. Our health experts recognize the kind of care that they need, and that is what we are going to give them-personalized and hands on health services.

Total Care Medical Clinic offers comprehensive healthcare services, specifically created to cater to the unique concerns of our beloved seniors. Our healthcare team ensures that they are properly evaluated to for the creation of a tailor-fitted care that best works for them.

   Teen Services

Parents always value the future of their children, particularly their teens who essentially need guidance and support. Conducting a comprehensive screening to our young adults, both male and female is necessary to help protect them from sexually transmitted diseases.

Total Care Medical Clinic is an advocate of responsible decision making and in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, that is why we provide services that addresses various concerns of the young adults. We listen to them with equal respect and understanding, to help them be comfortable in opening up about their real conditions.

Our healthcare experts will provide them with a thorough assessment and gives them advice about the things they need to do, to be protected at all times.

   Vaccines & Immunizations

Guarantee the safety and wellness of your loved ones by protecting them from various diseases. Total Care Medical Clinic offers a wide array of vaccination shots for the working individuals and students, to help boost their immune system and avoid illnesses. We also provide flu shots. For more information regarding this service, please call 310-872-3560 today.

   Woman Health Care Services

Total Care Medical Clinic understands that is is important to always keep ourselves in a good condition, that is why we offer a wide variety of healthcare services that suffice the unique individual needs of every woman in our community. Our healthcare professionals will conduct an assessment to ensure that you will be guided properly of our healthcare services.

   Ultrasound / EKG

Safeguard your health and the people that matters to you by ensuring that they are in their best condition. Have a solid knowledge about your health condition, you might never know when you need a medical assistance. To keep track of your health, our Ultrasound/EKG services is the right one for you.

Ultrasound is essential, particularly for pregnant women to check and ensure that the fetus is in its good condition and properly positioned. For people with a heart condition, our EKG service is the one you have to avail. It checks the condition of your heart and by translating the heart’s electrical activity, medical professionals will immediately know if it is functioning well.

This will be carried out by our licensed and experienced healthcare team. They will administer the evaluation of your test results for an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

   OB CARE / Gynecologist

When it comes to the health of women, specifically the pregnant ones our OB ARE/Gynecologist will take care of you. Total Care Medical Clinic wants every woman to be as healthy as they can be, that is why we make sure that in our center, you will be provided with only the finest healthcare services.

The OB specializes in the management of pregnancy, labor and pueperium (the time-period directly following childbirth), making them the right person to handle women with pregnancy issues and concerns. They will be the one responsible to evaluate and give proper advice on how pregnant women should take care of themselves.

As for the Gynecologist, specializes in childbirth, medical and surgical care to women and disorders in the reproductive system. Their scope of expertise also includes prenatal care, preventative care, pap test screening, family planning and detection of sexually transmitted diseases.

   Pain Management / Massage Therapy

Don’t let any pain and/or discomforts keep you from doing what you love. If you and/or your loved one is suffering from a chronic pain and is greatly affecting from accomplishing daily tasks and other responsibilities, then Total Care Medical Clinic offers you a comprehensive and cost-efficient pain management/massage therapy services.

Our licensed therapists, licensed and equipped with the substantial knowledge and experience in providing quality services will help you. They will be the one responsible for the assessment of the patient’s condition for the creation of a personalized treatment plan that will only deliver positive results.

Patients never have to worry about back, leg, neck and other physical pains, with the help of our reliable therapist they will administer properly the best solutions for your quick recovery.

   Mental Health Services

Total Care Medical Clinic recognizes that caring for a loved one under a mental health condition can be overwhelming, so we are here to help you provide them with comprehensive and efficient care and support services. Our clinicians have been in the industry for years, making them a dependable and credible provider of premium mental health services.

We are here to assist you when it comes to giving your loved ones the special care they need. At Total Care Medical Clinic, we believe that spending more quality time with your loved ones having special needs is necessary for a quality life. Entrust them with our team of clinicians and know that the people that matters to you the most is valued.

   Immigration Physical

If you are planning for an out of the country vacation or just needs a dependable health care services for your immigration physical exam, then Total Care Medical Clinic offers you a range of services that suits you. Our healthcare team will administer the health services needed.

Services may include chest x-rays, blood tests and etc. For your required medical examination, you can rely on Total Care Medical Clinic. We have been delivering premium immigration physical exam for years, so clients are guaranteed of an efficient and prompt result.

   Weight Loss

Take care of yourself so you can be able to do more. If you are noticing an increase in your weight and you are slowly having issues trying to fit in your clothes, then it’s time to get rid of those fats now. Total Care Medical Clinic offers you a safe and an effective way of loosing weight.

We will help you get back to your physically fit body, so you can function well and do more physical activities. If you are interested, just call 310-872-3560 or 323-756-1412.